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Arizona Construction Law Practice Manual, 2nd Ed. 2011

Course Number: PUB146-126
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    Business Basics

    1.1  Business Formation and Entity Selection

    1.2  Licensing

    1.3  Obtaining Surety Bonds

    1.4  Insurance

    1.5  Sales Taxation of Contracting

    1.6  Payroll Taxes and the Risk of Personal Liability

    1.7  Construction Accounting

    1.8  Employment and Immigration

    1.9  Labor Law

    1.10  Bank Financing of Contractors and Construction Projects


    Bidding and Contract Formation

    2.1  Competitive Bidding Process

    2.2  Minority Contracting

    2.3  Construction on Indian Reservations


    Construction Law Issues

    3.1  Risk Avoidance

    3.2  2007 AIA Consensus Documents Comparison

    3.3  Termination

    3.4  Dust Ordinances

    3.5  Bankruptcy

    3.6  Indemnification

    3.7  Architects and Engineers

    3.8  Arizona’s Economic Loss Rule

    3.9  Construction Warranties

    3.10  Equitable Subrogation


    Getting Paid

    4.1  Construction Claim Introduction

    4.2  Prompt Payment Act

    4.3  Surety Claims

    4.4  Mechanics’ Liens Claims

    4.5  Stop Notice Claims

    4.6  Unjust Enrichment Claims

    4.7  Claims Against Public Entities

    4.8  Administrative Claims Act Compliance

    4.9  Federal Contracts and Claims


    Mediation, Arbitration, Litigation, Registrar of Contractors

    5.1  Mediation

    5.2  Suing and Arbitrating

    5.3  Plaintiff-Contractor Case Development

    5.4  Preparing the Owner’s Defense

    5.5  Experts

    5.6  E-Discovery

    5.7  Attorneys’ Fees

    5.8  Construction Defect Litigation

    5.9  Registrar of Contractors’ Proceedings



    6.1  Multiple Representations

    6.2  Engagement Letters

    6.3  Former Clients

    6.4  Spoliation

    6.5  Ex-Parte Communication with Former Employees


    7.1 Arizona’s Most Important Construction Law Appellate Decisions

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