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Foundations of Family Law (2013)

Co-sponsored by the Arizona Modest Means Project and the Arizona Foundation for Legal Services and Education
Credit(s): 1.75 CLE
Course Number: J1377-499
Original Program Date: March 4, 2013
Duration: 1 hour 44 minutes
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  • This series of short seminars introduces Modest Means volunteers to a specific area of practice so that they may better serve their clients. Foundations courses cover core competencies needed to work successfully on behalf of your clients.

    Faculty: David Horowitz, May Potenza Baran & Gillespie, PC

    This seminar may qualify for 2 hours MCLE

    MCLE Volunteer for the Modest Means Project and receive a coupon code for 50% off registration fees.  Complete the volunteer form online at, or contact Kim Bernhart at kim.berhart@azflse.orgor602.773.3412 for volunteer information.
    About the Modest Means Project
    The purpose of the Modest Means Project is to provide low-cost legal assistance to people who cannot afford the expertise of attorneys at the standard rates, but who cannot qualify for free legal services due to income qualification or other restrictions.  The Project serves those whose income is less than or equal to 250% of the federal poverty guidelines in the following areas of law: bankruptcy, family law, will and trusts, landlord/tenant, foreclosure, employment law, criminal misdemeanors, consumer law, guardianship, immigration and mediation. 

    Modest Means Project attorneys agree to assist Modest Means Project clients for a fee of $75 for a one-hour consultation, after which the attorney has discretion to continue representation at a fee of $75 per hour.

    JOIN your fellow attorneys in assisting Arizonans with Modest Means.  Contact Kim Bernhart at kim.berhart@azflse.orgor602.773.3412, or register to volunteer online.


    1.75 CLE
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