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Foundations of Appeals (2012)

Co-sponsored by the Arizona Modest Means Project and the Arizona Foundation for Legal Services and Education
Credit(s): 1.5 CLE
Course Number: J1241-499
Original Program Date: April 1, 2012
Duration: 1 hour 33 minutes
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  • Foundations of Appeals

                                                    Kimberly Demarchi, Lewis and Roca LLP 


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    1.5 CLE
    Kimberly A. Demarchi
    Kim Demarchi is a partner in Lewis and Roca’s Litigation Group, where she represents public, private, and non-profit clients in civil appeals and in the litigation of complex matters. She represents clients at all stages of litigation, with a particular emphasis on litigating complex motions, advising clients and trial counsel on how to preserve and position issues for appeal, briefing and arguing appellate cases, and obtaining expedited relief. A substantial part of her practice involves issues of public law, including representing state, local, and tribal governments in administrative and court proceedings and advising a wide range of clients on compliance with campaign finance, election, and lobbying laws. Kim is the Vice Chair of the State Bar of Arizona’s Rules of Professional Conduct Committee. A native of Tucson, Kim is a graduate of the Arizona State University Honors College and the Yale Law School.
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