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The new fourth edition provides a comprehensive analysis of civil liability, defenses, and remedies under Arizona’s securities laws.

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Panelists will discuss the ethical implications of a breach affecting the outside law firm retained to address the incident. The ABA ethical changes from August 2012 will be ad dressed in the context of competence regarding technology. An expert in technology will provide foundational knowledge necessary to demonstrate that competence.

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Arizona Securities Law: Civil Liability, Defenses, and Remedies, 4th Ed. 2014
Arizona CLE Books
Technology-Assisted Review One Year After Da Silva Moore: Where Are We? Where Are We Going?
Trial Practice
1.25 Credits
Assuring and Assessing Professional Competence: A Growing Challenge in an ...
1.5 Credits
2013 Cybersecurity Law Institute: Ethical Obligations and the "Starbucks Hack"
Business and Commercial
2 Credits

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